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A great attitude coupled with a well thought out and executed plan is the path to success. A great attitude without a plan is only a party. ……….. First and Ten on the Twenty is it Football, Business or Life?

Will fuel and enhance one’s attitude and provide a detailed framework on creating a well thought out, long lasting plan for success whether it is in business or in life.

A football game ebbs and flows. It is a game of strategy, stamina and creativity to outsmart the defense to circumvent the obstacles. To succeed in lieu of the obstacles put in front of them. Business and life requires the same strategy, stamina and creativity to succeed as well.

An opposing football team is not intimidated by a football team standing around before a game, with a great attitude, high-fiving each other, slapping each other’s shoulder-pads, knowing they do not have a plan. A strong positive attitude with a (free- thinking) demeanor, coupled with a clear and concise goal is what an opposing team fears.

First and Ten on the Twenty is it Football, Business or Life?

Will share how this can be accomplished in both business and life and many more strategies and categories, for the purpose of the reader to stand on their own personal podium and hold up high a trophy in victory. A victory and success defined by you.

First and Ten on the Twenty is it Football, Business or Life?

About the Author

Mr. Smith is an entrepreneur by nature having owned several businesses. He currently owns a financial firm Royce Joseph Capital LLC in which he founded in 2008. When others were fleeing the financial industry Mr. Smith was entering it with a vengeance and has subsequently assisted countless companies finding their business and ultimately their dreams and goals. Royce Joseph Capital company packages and places loans for a diversified client base throughout the country. Mr. Smith has a degree in business from Montclair State University.

The concepts found in First and Ten on the Twenty is it Football, Business or Life?, are based on the assistance he has provided in moving those businesses further down the field towards their own personal goal of success. He is a relentless reader, is a member of numerous Chambers of Commerce and a member of the New Jersey Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

This is Mr. Smith’s third published book. The first being a novel entitled I Pledge Allegiance, , which is a novelization of the plight of the homeless veterans in the country. The second book, Navigating the Lending Maze, is a business owners guide to what is necessary to secure a loan for their business and why.

Over the years Mr. Smith has earned a black belt in Karate, he currently studies trumpet under a former member of the Asbury Jukes makes furniture and as a wedding gift to his wife, he co-wrote with a long standing friend her own wedding song.

He resides in Northern New Jersey with his wife, has four daughters and two grandchildren.

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Todd Smith is a dynamic public speaker who engages his audience on a personal level through a plain speaking style that reaches a diverse group. Todd business success is recognizable early on in his speeches. He is always open to share those experiences with a goal of helping others succeed in their business endeavors. Todd has an ability to talk about complex business matters in a way that is easily understandable, informative and often thought provoking. Because he is able to relate his real life experiences, Todd challenges his audience not to accept the status quo or business as usual paradigm.

Bob Collins
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Change your life and go win

If there was ever a sport that is a visual representation of both business and life, it is football.

First and Ten on the Twenty is it Football, Business or Life? provides details on twenty-five distinct chapters utilized for success to be achieved. Chapters such as:

“The End Is First”, Defining the ultimate goal one is pursuing and the incremental goals necessary for it to be achieved. “Preparation” providing details on the four stages of preparation necessary to succeed, “Be Prepared for the Unexpected –The Broken Play”, success can be achieved even when one’s plans suddenly breakdown, Small Gains, what appear to be the smallest gains may actually be the most important, Play Calling- The Next Step, the proper sequence of plays greatly enhances the achievement of success, “The Kickoff”, understanding one will have competition in everything they do, understand it and embrace it. “The Defense-Obstacles”, In football the one big obstacle is the defense. Business and Life have plenty of obstacles too. Follow-up & Follow-Through, how much more can be achieved when extra effort is applied. And the list goes on.

All of which is accomplished with an acute, high energy attitude.